Summer 21 Release notes

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Refer to the below table to determine when to sue Low code to Pro code.


1. See Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience

Now you can see why a user has the access they do, right from Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience. Previously, you switched to Salesforce Classic to see this information. Sharing Hierarchy is now available on the action menu, not just in the Share window.

NOTE: Sharing Hierarchy is available only for accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, leads, and custom objects.


How to use On-Demand Salesforce Commerce Cloud Sandbox

Description :

On-Demand Salesforce Commerce Cloud boxes can be using sfcc-ci or native SFCC’s swagger. I am going to jot down steps using sfcc-ci

1. sfcc-ci is available in GitHub,

2. You could clone the repo or use npm to install.

3. Create dw.json in your visual studio code workspace and if you are trying to run behind the firewall, set “self-signed”: “true”

{     “client-id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,     “client-secret”: “”,     “self-signed”: “true”,     “hostname”: “”,     “username”: “”,     “password”: “”,     “realm”: “xxxx” }

You have successfully setup sfcc-ci and now good to use the command-line interface to access on-demand SFCC Sandbox.

I commonly use these CLI commands. 

  1. To authenticate the realm 

sfcc-ci auth:login 

2. To list sandboxes in your realm

sfcc-ci sandbox:list

3. To start the sandbox

sfcc-ci sandbox:start -s <realmID>-<sandbox number>

eg. usually realmID is 4 character and sandbox number starts from 001

4. To stop the sandbox

sfcc-ci sandbox:stop -s <realmID>-<sandbox number>

eg. usually realmID is 4 character and sandbox number starts from 001

5. To restart sandbox

sfcc-ci sandbox:restart -s <realmID>-<sandbox number>

eg. usually realmID is 4 character and sandbox number starts from 001

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