Custom Metadata Type (in Apex Test Class)

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  • Custom Metadata can be accessed from Apex using SOQL

List < Service_Provider__mdt >serviceMetadat = SELECT Object_Type__c, Provider_ Field__c FROM Service_Provider__mdt

  • Apex code can create, read, and update (but not delete) custom metadata records, as long as the metadata is subscriber-controlled and visible from within the code’s namespace.
  • We can edit records in memory but not upsert or delete them. Cannot do DML operations.

Here is an example to use set values of Custom metadata in Apex that can be used in Apex Test.

public class CustomMetadataService {

public CustomMetadataService() {}


* This method instantiates a custom metadata record of type Service_Provider__mdt

* and sets the DeveloperName to the input String.

* The record is not inserted into the database,

* and would not be found by a SOQL query.


public Service_Provider__mdtgetCustomMetadataRecord(String myName) {

Service_Provider__mdtserviceProvider = new Service_Provider__mdt();

serviceProvider.DeveloperName = myName;

return serviceProvider;



* This method retrieves a custom metadata record, changes a field, and returns it

* to the caller, but does not update the database.


public Service_Provider__mdtgetChangedCustomMetadataRecord(String myNewName) {

Service_Provider__mdtserviceProvider = [SELECT Id, DeveloperName from Service_Provider__mdt LIMIT 1];

supportTier.DeveloperName = myNewName;

return serviceProvider;



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