How to create a static resource using sfdx

If you want to maintain staticresources using sdfx follow the below steps Create a folder Include all your files css, js, html etc Zip the folder and rename to .resource e.gfoo.resource Create “staticresources” folder in your workspace and move the .resource file under this newly created folder. create meta file e.gfoo.resource-meta.xml <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><StaticResourcexmlns=””><contentType>application/zip</contentType><description>External library</description><cacheControl>Public</cacheControl></StaticResource> […]

How to delete LWC component

LWC components can be deleted in two ways. 1. Delete from sfdx If you want to delete a component “accountCreator” then run below command sfdxforce:source:delete -m LightningComponentBundle:accountCreator -u 2. Delete from the Developer console Run below Tooling API query in the Developer console. (make sure to select “use Tooling API” at the bottom) SELECT […]